Saturday, August 30, 2008

Wow What A Day!

Just came back from a night swim at the pool and had to share a picture. Can you tell we are in love! We all shared lunch together and yes.. pizza again. Our staple diet is pasta, pizza and machiatos! Off we went to Hana’s Home. It was exciting to see her new place which is much bigger and offers more space for the kids to play. I recognized so many faces from last year.. only now they are bigger. Surafel was amazing as a translator and explained to the kids what we would be doing. Thanks to all of you for the wonderful supplies. We were able to bring six bags of supplies, gifts and activities! We set up stations doing face painting, soccer, playing with the parachute/inflated beach balls, crafts and I washed feet and gave pedicures to about 20 girls. It was a privilege and pure joy to see the delight as I massaged their feet and painted their toes. Something I am sure most of them have never had the pleasure of. It’s common place for all of us to get our nails done and something we take for granted. The parachute was a huge hit with the little ones. Thanks to the Hardy’s for letting us steal theirs! The kids had an amazing day but honestly I know that my family received more from them than we gave to them. Tam and Maddy had a blast and were running around with ease and comfort with all the kids. We were also able to leave $1300 for Hanna to continue supporting the 160 kids that she is taking care of. She has now opened up two other centers in other parts of the country where babies and children are currently living in prisons with their mothers. What a work she is doing! All the kids were asking if we were coming back tomorrow? Of course I burst into tears as each one of them came up to hug, kiss and say God Bless You to each of us.

It is incredible watching Tam each day. He is talking more, singing and belly laughing with his sister. He has such a sweet personality and just keeps saying “May I please go swimming at the pool Mommie?” Stefan I commented on the change tonight as we put him to bed as compared to the first night. He was all grins tonight as he hugged his little dog and when I bent to kiss him and say goodnight he grabbed my neck and pulled me back and gave me a big squeeze. Tomorrow we are going back to his foster home to do some paperwork in preparation for our embassy appointment on Tuesday. We took a ton of pictures at Hanna’s but clumsy me I broke our USB port which downloads our pictures so I am not sure I’ll be able to send anymore. I was hoping to send some from Hanna’s. Thank you for all your prayers! Another prayer request is for Stefan as he was playing soccer with the boys at Hanna’s and fell on his hand. It’s pretty swollen and we are hoping it’s nothing serious. Don’t want to make any trips to the hospital while we are here.

Just came back from a night swim at the pool and had to share a picture. Can you tell we are in love!

Love to all of you...

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