Saturday, August 28, 2010

Waiting Children

My heart is heavy tonight as I just finished looking at a waiting children's list from Ethiopia. My dear friend Kelly Putty was just in Ethiopia on a Missions trip. She has a heart to help children find forever families. We met in Ethiopia while both our families were there adopting our sons that just happened to be in the same orphanage. We both knew we were being called to make a difference and not forget the great need in Ethiopia. As part of her trip she makes it a priority to work with agencies on the ground in Ethiopia that have waiting children. This means they are paperwork ready and just waiting for a forever family She takes pictures of these children and shares a little about their story in hopes that God will nudge someone to step out in faith and change this child future. I know from first hand experience that God does whisper into your heart the word "adoption." He did to me and it scared me to death. Was I really hearing Him or was it my own emotions just wanting to help? Sometimes we look at the these children from afar. We tell ourselves that the problem is too big.. What can we do? I am learning that God calls us to make a difference one life at a time! To that life it is everything! Don't ignore God's gentle nudge.. sometimes it starts with just entertaining the idea of stepping out to do something radical. Radical obedience brings Radical blessing! If you are interested in in adopting a child from Ethiopia email me at and I will send you the link to look at the beautiful pictures of these precious children who are waiting on a family. The children are with "Celebrate Children" which is an agency that is licensed to do adoptions from Ethiopia. I am happy to put you in touch with Sue Healdburg who is the owner and has more information on these children.

Monday, August 16, 2010

Andrea & Pete Kidd are coming home...

Andrea email with great news! They have passed court in Ethiopia and will be brining their new son Endale home on 8/22. They will arrive at Dulles Airport but I don't have any of their particulars. I will be traveling on Wed for a family vacation to California and won't be home until 8/31. The pictures above are some that Andrea sent. The little boy in the orange jacket is the Thomas family's sponsor child and the little boy seen kissing his care package is the Reilly's sponosr child. Andrea reported that Pete has been working on a video for all of you of the children and each one receiving their care package.

Also thought it would be nice for us to provide a couple of weeks of meals for Andrea & Pete Kidd. If you have interest in making a meal you can go to this link:
Just sign up for the date you want. All the information is provided!

Please pray for their safe travels and readjustment to live back in the USA!

Friday, August 6, 2010


A few more pictures. They are Tesfahun (McGowan Family), and Edelewezk (Cokefair Family) and a few others which I am not sure of.


I just received an email from Andrea with pictures of some of our kids at Adama. It is so fun to see the joy and excitement on each of their faces as they are receiving their gift bags. The lady that you see Andrea hugging is Yesemvich. (not sure of the spelling) She is the precious soul who loves on and cares for these littles daily! I looked at each picture and tried to match families with pictures. These are the ones I could match! Tesfahun (McGowan family), Enat (Carreras Family), Edelewezk (Cokefair Family), Lidiya (Ditthardt family). Enjoy the photos.. more to come

Wednesday, August 4, 2010


Hi Everyone, Just received an email this morning from Andrea & Pete with some details about their first visit to Adama and wanted to share it with you.

I don't even know where to begin.....Adama/Look was AMAZING!!!!! I can't wait for you and everyone else to go experience the love, the action, the Holy Spirit that exudes from this place. The children were incredible....singing and clapping as we eneterd. They had been waiting for 6 hours for us! All smiles and wanted to touch and shake each of our hands. They wanted to be SEEN and felt. Recogning their face from the profiles immediately brought me to tears. They look SOOOOO much better. They are dirty and are in rags, but they look fuller and more fed. Praise God for our sponsor community feedingthese kids.

We got to go and spend individual time with each of the first 40 (sponsor names A-M). Words can barely do justice to the excitment and joy as they saw the pictures of their familes and learned that they are loved and prayed for every day. They lit up like nothinhg I have ever seen. THEN, handing them their treat bags.......truly faces of shock and disbelief. They did not understand it could all be for them. Had to teach many about lotion and hair care, as they had never seen it before. We wanted to make sure they didn't eat it. They were in heaven. Some of their care givers were there, and came to hug us and thank us. they are SOOOOOOO grateful and sooooooo need our help. They are the happiest kids despite their obvious need. I can't get their smiling faces out of my head as they ran after our bus when we left.

I want every family to know that these kids were seen out in the courtyard KISSING the pictures of their sponsor families. You all mean the world to these children. We have special one-on-one pictures and video of each child gettingtheir things, we will breakingthis up and givingto each family to treasure and these children treasure you!

A story of a NEED: We kept hearing about 2 girls who were very sad, they had lost their last family member to AIDS, and were all alone. It turns out the younger girl, is our sponsor child (isabelle's girl, her age). The older sister is also sponsored by a family, but I have not looked her up yet. Anyway, she came in and we learneds the story/. A 10 and 13 yearl old sisters, who just lost their mom and are living ALL alopne!!!! The 13 yr. old is taking care ofthe house and the 10 yr. old. They just wanted to be held and hugged. We gave them all the food we had brought and are going to see where they live next Tuesday....oh my. They are being given extra care by Look, and are now in legal custody of Look Development. But there is nowhere for Look to have kids stay, so they go home all alone at night. Too much to take, they are so beauitioful and so sweet, but so broken and so in need. We continue to ask God how we can help these girls make it. PLEASE pray with us as we learn more next week. The younger one is Selam.

I will update more, we miss you and appreciate your prayers daily!


Please keep these two little girls in your prayers. Can you imagine going home alone each night at 10 & 13? The thought of it breaks my heart.. these little girls having no Mommy & Daddy to tuck them in and tell them they are loved! Yet it is going on all over Ethiopia due to ADIS. I don't think the older girl is currently being sponsored but will confirm with Andrea. I will continue to keep the updates coming. Thank you for your generosity and desire to help these children!

Blessings.. Melodie