Thursday, August 28, 2008

We Are In Rome!

We just landed in Rome where we have an hour layover while they refuel the plane. The above picture shows our friend Bruce Hardy who graciously drove us to the airport, the porter and all of our r3 bags which totaled over 650 lbs of supplies ! Wow, we got everything on. Many thanks to Laura Didhardt who spent hours with me packing, weighing and tagging bags to make sure they were all under weight. Nine of our bags are filled with humanitarian aid thanks to many of you. We had two young boys in our neighborhood, Colin Wohlfert and Josh Kuzbell who really set out to make a difference. They decided to raise money and donations for an organization called AHOPE who is on the ground in Ethiopia caring for children with HIV where they have two orphanages. They care for these kids physically, emotionally and spiritually. They are doing an amazing work and will be so blessed by the 200 lbs. of donations that we are bringing to them. What a blessing! As I reflect on our last days before we left, I am thankful for so many people who made it possible for this happen. Kim Miller who so graciously hosted Madeline for days so I could pack and get things done! Our couples small group who came to our house after hours to sit in Tam’s room and pray for him and our trip. My Mom who has spent countless hours behind the scenes making meals, doing laundry, ironing (yuck) and loving on my kids. Thanks to all of you who have been so good to us.

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