Tuesday, March 22, 2011


Wow, times flies when you are doing something you love! So many new things to share about our ministry in Ethiopia. Back in May we had a fundrasier and sponsorship drive at our house. We were able to get almost all 88 children sponsored and raised enough money to build a playground at Adama. Attached are pictures of the playset that was constructed in December. We have also been planning a fundraiser 5K race called "Run 4 Kids" which will take place on Saturday, 3/26/2011 in Lansdowne Va. Beth & Jeff Thomas are a family in our neighborhood who have a heart to make a difference. They sponsor a child in Adama and came to us and said "We want to do more!" They offered to plan a 5K race and so the planning began. We have been busy getting corporate spononors, marketing and Beth & Jeff have handled all the logistics of putting on a race. With the help of Children's Hopechest we were able to put together a marketing video which allows people to meet the children of Adama. I have been able to show it at churches, schools, on Facebook and to our many networks of family and friends who are helping us make a difference in the lives of children. I sent the video to some friends who adopted a child from "Adama" and I wanted share with you her words after seeing the video.

I wanted to share with you the IMPACT this had on Bella Tezeta our daughter who herself was a sponsor child at Look Development Adama. She was captivated by this video. She watched if at least five times, saying the names of a few children she knows and Yemeserach. (She lived with Yemeserach in her home)
Bella Tezeta was SO moved by this. She said "thank you Jesus, yes- Holy Spirit help your children, please Jesus" as she watched it again and again. It was like she was praying over it.
Then she looked at me and said "mommy this is so, so good for these children, I am so happy right now." Bella then got a pen and paper and wrote out EVERY word of your text in the video and then carried it up to her bed and put it on her shelf by her bed and said "mommy I need to always remember these words."
I wanted you to know that the a child from this very place has treasured your video and it brought HOPE to her heart for children and people she loves.... Thank you for sharing this with our family. It has meant so much to Bella Tezata to us all- it a beautiful testimony to God. I pray is accomplishes that which you set out for it to do.
It had a great impact on this family!

The video let her know that there are people caring about her friends at Adama! The race is this Saturday and we hope to have 250-300 runners and raise $10,000! If you have not registered please go to www.run4kids.5k.com and register! If you want to see the video go to http://gallery.me.com/hopechest#100463

Our Ethiopian missions trip is an official "Cornerstone Chapel" trip. We are so excited! The trip is open now and will take place over the dates of 8/4-13/2011. We have an informational meeting that will be held at Cornerstone Chapel in Leesburg. If you are interested in coming please email me.