Monday, September 1, 2008

Stefan is the Man!

My husband is the most amazing handiman ever! I totally destroyed our USB port which downloads our pictures. Very precious item but Stefan took it apart with nail clippers and untweaked it! Can you say Maguiver? I wish I could post all the pictures of Hanna’s because there are so many great ones that really paint the picture of our experience and how precious the kids are but I am only allowed to load one at a time. We did face painting and this one is of Tam! Hi to Bella who is on a playdate at Marla’s house. Donna Tanner if you are reading one of the girls asked for you by name and wondered if you were with us. You made quite an impressions! We are off to dinner. Tomorrow is our embassy appointment and dinner with our friend Fortuna who helped the Kidds translate our photo album when they visited Tam several months ago.

When we were at Hanna’s the girls there could not resist braiding Maddy’!s hair. She kept it in overnight and then had to shower. Tonight there was a huge thunder and lighting storm and we were on the 12th floor having dinner and we looked down at the pool and can you believe there were at least 10 people swimming in the pool? It was crazy! We played crazy eights tonight with Tam. He played one hand with me and then immediately caught on and played is own hands. Tomorrow we go to the embassy and will get his Visa to get back into the USA!

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