Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Hello to Mrs. Robertson's 4th Grade Class!

Salaam to Mrs. Robertson’s 3rd Grade class. That means “Peace be unto you.” This greeting is being sent all the way from Ethiopia to Dominion Academy! Ethiopia is on the continent of Africa. Take a look on your map in your classroom and see how far it is from the United States. It took us 16 hours by plane to get here! We only stopped once in Rome, Italy so they could refuel the plane but we did not even have to get off the airplane. Madeline wishes she could have been there for her first week of school but she is in Ethiopia picking up her new brother Tam. Tam was born here in Ethiopia and is six years old. He is experiencing all kinds of things for the first time! Ice cream, going to church, swimming, riding in an elevator, and eating American food are just to name a few. I know he will want to come to Maddy’s school to meet all of you!

Today we went to a big open air market called the “Mercato” where they sell everything. It is outside and there are so many people selling things. We were able to buy a few souvenirs to bring home to the US. We also visited an orphanage called AHOPE today that cares for children that do not have Mom’s and Dad’s. We were able to bring them many donations and some fun things too like candy. Above is a picture of Maddy handing out candy to some of the kids. Tomorrow we are taking a trip to the countryside where we will be able to ride horses down to a lake. Have a great first week of school and Maddy hopes to see you next week once she recovers from being seven hours ahead of you in time! God Bless!

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