Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Successful Embassy Appointment

Today was our embassy appointment at the American Embassy where they issue Tam’s Visa to travel. It was successful and Tamerat is cleared for take off! Today we asked Tamerat his name and he said “My name is Tamerat Asfaw.” We told him after the paperwork he is now Tamerat Mandanis. He had a huge grin and later when someone asked him what his father’s name was he proudly answered Mandanis.” We had dinner with the sweet lady who helped Andrea and Pete Kidd deliver our photo album to Tam several months ago and translate it to him. She is a nurse for the children at America World Adoption. She is truly making a difference in her country. Tomorrow we are going to AHOPE to visit. This is an organization that cares for children with HIV. We are brining donations and hope to meet the children and learn more about their work here in Addis.

Please pray for the Putty family. They are a family with CWA who have five children of their own and came to Ethiopia to adopt a little boy. There was an error in their paperwork and they now need an addendum to their I-171 from USCIS. It took me 4 weeks to get this addendum back home. They brought three of their children with them. They thought they were leaving on Friday with us and now they are looking at an extended stay. A very hard situation to be in!

Tam is now showing much more personality and the signs of a being a true boy! Climbing on things, making animal noises at dinner and using the utensils as instruments. There is a new mischievous grin that has just surfaced as well. The newness for Madeline has worn off and I think she now finds him a little annoying and someone who is competing for our attention. All of which we expected! Love will grow! His finger is much better but pray for Stefan as we think he may be having some stomach issues. Please email us as we love getting emails from home! Thanks to Francine who gave me “Marley & Me.” It’s a book about a crazy yellow lab and all his antics. I read some excerpts to Stefan in bed last night and we laughed so hard we cried! I highly recommend it! Signing off..

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