Monday, August 16, 2010

Andrea & Pete Kidd are coming home...

Andrea email with great news! They have passed court in Ethiopia and will be brining their new son Endale home on 8/22. They will arrive at Dulles Airport but I don't have any of their particulars. I will be traveling on Wed for a family vacation to California and won't be home until 8/31. The pictures above are some that Andrea sent. The little boy in the orange jacket is the Thomas family's sponsor child and the little boy seen kissing his care package is the Reilly's sponosr child. Andrea reported that Pete has been working on a video for all of you of the children and each one receiving their care package.

Also thought it would be nice for us to provide a couple of weeks of meals for Andrea & Pete Kidd. If you have interest in making a meal you can go to this link:
Just sign up for the date you want. All the information is provided!

Please pray for their safe travels and readjustment to live back in the USA!

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