Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Pete & Andrea Arrived Safely!

Above is a picture of the Kidd Family at church when they had Gigi dedicated. I received two texts's from Andrea in Ethiopia and I wanted to share her words:

"Things are great here! Endale is amazing and the kids are having a blast. We met with Tesfa (lead contact in Ethiopia for Children's Hopechest, his sister Yesemaich runs Adama). We will go to Adama in one week as we need to be with Endale until our court date and paperwork is done. We went over the entire list of sponsored kids and came up with a plan to meet with each child. We are all so pumped. Court is on Wed, 7/21 so please pray that all goes well. Love to everyone!

I know Andrea will send more details as she can. Also wanted to let everyone know that there are seven more children who need sponsorship at our carepoint in Adama. Sponsorship makes a huge difference in the lives of these children so if you know anyone in your network or would like to sponsor a child yourself please email me at mmandanis@comcast.net I have precious little girls and 4 little boys who need your help!

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