Friday, July 9, 2010


We have spent the last month compiling lists, double checking those lists and putting together care packages for all of our 88 kids at Adama Orphanage in Ethiopia. A BIG THANKS to our sponsorship community who made it all happen. I have attached a picture showing the Mandanis Kids and the Greason kids with many of the bags. It was fun to watch them be so excited and talk with them about what it will mean to their sponsor child to receive such a special gift. Thank you for caring about these sweet little ones. I know many of you have been busy with kids home, vacation, work and it will mean the world to these little ones to receive this very special package from their sponsor family. Many of you not only sent packages to your sponsor children but did extra bags for me for those children who have not been sponsored. Thanks to Barbara Hardy who went out and shopped and brought me a huge shopping bag full of goodies to help pack extra bags. We know there will be children at the orphanage that are new that we don't even know about. We wanted to make sure these children received something as well.

Andrea and Pete Kidd will be moving to Ethiopia and departing on July 14 where they will be for 2-3 months depending on how long it takes to bring their son, Endale home. Please pray for their health and safety while they are there. Endale also needs prayer as he is malnourished at 14lbs and 1 year old. He also has ricketts. Pete and Andrea will be able to visit Adama and spend time with our sponsor kids while they are there. I am hoping they can send pictures and give us updates during their stay. I will be posting their updates and pictures to this blog so you can enjoy seeing the kids and learning more about Adama.

Also wanted to remind you that I have posted a picture of our "Africa Shirts." on the blog. They are black shortsleeved T-shirts and have the continent of Africa beaded on the front with our "logo" written underneath. It reads "Live Love Give.. Become." The key to our mission is "Become." God doesn't just call us to love others and give to those in need...He calls us to "become" the hands and feet of Jesus to the desperate world around us, and meet their needs in real, practical and tangible ways.

They are $40 and you can email me at if you would like to purchase one. I have them in small, medium and large.

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