Monday, June 16, 2008

Prayer Works!

We have been praying as a family that Tam’s second round of medical reports would come in this week. The window of opportunity is closing for us to get a court date before the courts close in Ethiopia. God was so good and provided Pat Van Winkle our friend who is also a pediatrician in California to read them and give us feedback for a quick turnaround. Our doctor was slammed due to being out last week and could not get back to us for a couple of days. Time is of the essence so Pat was a god send and gave us the thumbs up to proceed. He called us back within the hour of getting the reports. He felt the best feedback was that of Furtuna and Rachel who visited with Tam personally last week. On another note, I have been getting good information about the possibility of connecting with Tam’s birth mother while we are there. Fortuna offered to help and I emailed with a family who told me that the CWA staff here says No to meeting birth families but that once you get to Ethiopia the staff is often willing to set up a meeting. Wow! God is answering our payers and concerns! We are now praying that CWA will be able to get a court date before the courts close! We are trusting that the Soverign God of the universe has perfect timing.

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